About Us

Transtel Business World Travel & Tours was incorporated under the Ghana Companies' Code, 1963 (Act 179) in February 2014 and soon started business earnestly THERE AFTER. The company has distinguished itself over the period as a reliable, customer friendly travel services provider, and general merchant in the exciting Ghanaian environment. At Transtel Business World, we are all about People and Performance. Transtel Business World consultants are widely chosen for their ability to understand and respond well to client needs. Our team are high-caliber individuals who have gained extensive experience in their particular field across a range of environments and sectors. Our client base spreads across a wide range of industries, ranging from Micro Enterprises to the NHS. We are friendly, smart people, working alongside you, supporting you through the difficulties of managing or owning a successful business. We are here to help! Our team love a good problem to solve or a challenge to unravel. Contact us today to speak with a member of our specialist team and discuss your business needs with us.

OUR Mission

Our Mission is to Provide Quick, Reliable and Efficient Travel and Tours and recruitment services to all our customers.

OUR Vision

Our Vision at Transtel Business World Travel and Tour is that we are dedicated to provide affordable, reliable, efficient quick and high-quality Travel and Tours and recruitment Services to our clients. We aim to be a Role Model for the Travel Industry in Ghana by displaying vision and skill through the delivery of Unique and Professional services.

OUR goal

Our goal is to exceed your expectations by working proactively to target and identify candidates whose skill sets and professional goals align with your needs and corporate culture.
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